2015 Annual Meeting Resolutions




KAP will: 

  • KAP will lobby MASC to contact the Manitoba Trappers Association as soon as a predator kill is reported, instead of waiting for multi kills.

Grains, Oilseed & Pulses


KAP will:

  • Lobby the Government of Canada to enable generic seed developers access to patent traits at least seven years before traits come off patent because it takes that long to develop a new plant variety from those traits.

  • Lobby Government of Canada and Manitoba to hand all assets of the CWB to farmers or western provincial governments.


Water Management

KAP will:

  • KAP will request the Assiniboine River Basin Initiative to allow for board representation from western Manitoba and areas around the Portage Diversion.

  • Lobby the Government of Manitoba to increase its ditch maintenance budget so that water flows are improved and back-ups are prevented.



KAP will:

  • Support the introduction of roundabouts on Manitoba Highways as long as the roundabout does not restrict equipment and any farm trucks with long, wide loads from travelling through or turning at the intersection.

  • Lobby Manitoba Public Insurance to allow farm plates to be issued regardless of a farmers’ land ownership status, with only proof of active involvement in farming required.

Environment & Land Use


KAP will:

  • Lobby Manitoba Hydro to increase the minimum height of all power lines to 18 feet for all new or upgraded power transmission lines.

  • Lobby MB Hydro to ensure farmers can request a permanent height increase to power lines at once access point per field to accommodate larger equipment – at no expense and in a timely manner.

  • Lobby MB Hydro to ensure workers are available within 24 hour to raise power lines as needed by farmers.

  • Lobby the Government of Manitoba to direct Manitoba Hydro to engage with the Manitoba Bipole III Landowners Committee and the Canadian Association of Energy and Pipeline Landowner Associations, so that an agreement can be reached that addresses the concerns of landowners.

  • Provide support for the Manitoba Bipole III Landowners Committee and the Canadian Association of Energy and Pipeline Landowner Associations through advertising future rally dates.

  • Lobby the Government of Manitoba (or industry organizations) to pay for water quality testing from wells damaged by overland flooding.

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