2016 Annual Meeting Resolutions

Crops & Livestock


KAP will: 

  • Lobby the Government of Manitoba and the Government of Canada to support more research focused on using forages, in order to combat rising salinity issues and improve water use and soil-holding capacity in Manitoba.

  • Urge the Canadian Grain Commission to implement a system of standardization and calibration for protein testers.

  • Work with other farm groups in Canada and the United States to lobby the Government of Canada and the Canadian Competition Bureau to stop the Dow/Dupont merger or have the Competition Bureau and American anti-trust regulators ensure competition in this market.

Rural Development


KAP will:

  • Lobby Manitoba Hydro for upgrades at a reasonable cost to customers in rural areas to meet the everyday needs of modern agriculture.

  • Urge the Government of Manitoba to ensure Emergency Medical Services has adequate resources to ensure staff respond to calls in rural areas in a more timely manner.

  • Investigate the possibilities of establishing alternate rural cell phone/internet networks that offer reasonable prices for rural Manitobans.

  • Lobby Manitoba cell phone carriers to improve rural cell phone service or reduce cell phone rates and sign reciprocal agreements with other carriers who can provide improved levels of service.


Business Risk Management & Farm Profitability

KAP will:

  • Work with the CFA to lobby the Government of Canada for a producer payment security program that covers all agricultural commodities for all producers.

  • Request that MASC add an individual productivity index calculation to silage corn insurance contracts.

  • Work with CFA to lobby the Government of Canada to resolve outstanding BSE crisis compensation by entering into settlement negotiations in good faith or allowing the 2005 lawsuit to proceed through the court system expeditiously.

  • Ask the Government of Manitoba to support growth and development of personnel, research, and extension services within MAFRD, and encourage the Government of Manitoba to fill vacant positions within MAFRD.

  • Urge the Government of Manitoba to review and make improvements to its compensation programs for the damages caused to farmland in the Assiniboine Watershed area as a result of the 2014 flood



KAP will:

  • Lobby the Government of Manitoba to allow trucks hauling farm commodities loaded to RTAC weight limits to travel on A1 or B1 roads for short distances to connect with RTAC roads, so that commodities can be moved off farms.

  • Enter into discussions with CN and CP Rail and Transport Canada to resolve railway-crossing maintenance issues.




KAP will:

  • Urge the Government of Manitoba and the Government of Canada to allow generational family-farm land transfers at the actual cash value of the transaction in order to help facilitate family-farm succession planning.

  • Lobby the Government of Manitoba to have the school-tax rebate cap lifted until such time as the tax is lifted altogether.

Environment & Land Use


KAP will:

  • Ask the Department of Conservation and Water Stewardship to look at spring fertilization of hay land, perennial forages and winter cereals on their own merits as opposed to using the restrictions applied to crop land.

  • Lobby the Government of Manitoba to reverse the phase-out of sewage ejectors in Manitoba because the alternative – septic fields – do not work in some areas of the province.

  • Research what moving to a net zero carbon economy could mean for Manitoba farmers and develop policy to protect farmers’ economic sustainability.

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