Advisory Services

As a program administered by Keystone Agricultural Producers, FSP's purpose is to be a safety resource to farmers. Since most farms do not have an on-site safety person to, KAP offers the Farm Safety Program to fill that need for all farmers, regardless of whether they are a KAP member.

This includes:

  • Telephone or in-person safety advice

  • Training

  • On farm walk-arounds

  • Establishing a safety system

  • Presentations (conferences and trade shows​)

On Farm Walk-Arounds


Our confidential walk-arounds educate you on what Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Officers look for during a farm inspection. And / or discuss common issues that have caused incidents on other farms. Our consultant can either take notes and provide you with a report for your records, or simply point things out and leave you to decide what, if anything, you want to do next. No follow-ups, phone calls or emails. What we see on your farm stays with you.


During these walk-around farmers the most value in clarification around safety expectations and responsibilities.

Establishing a Safety System

Establishing a safety system on your farm can sound overwhelming, but depending on the operation, it can be very achievable. Call our safety consultant Morag Marjerison for additional info.

The Value of Our Services

  • You gain an understanding of your responsibilities under the WSH Act & Regulations based on your farm's size and type.

  • You are better prepared for a WSH inspection.

  • You can obtain guidance implementing or evaluating a safety system on your farm.

  • You will be better equipped to identify and address safety hazards on your farm.

  • You have access to free, professional support to help you comply with any Improvement Order(s) a WSH Officer may have issued.



Guaranteed Confidentiality


Farmers have said that often what prevents them from contacting our consultant is the assumption that they will be obligated to take action, but most often, they feel their information will be shared.


FSP does not share information about the farms we visit.


For questions or to arrange a consultation, contact:

Morag Marjerison

Farm Safety Consultant

1 (204) 570-3290

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