How to Develop a Resolution

Resolutions are formal motions that direct or re-enforce our actions and positions.


Add a title to the resolution that gives the reader a quick look at what the resolution is about. Also, include your district(s) or commodity sponsoring the resolution.

  • If a preamble is needed to the resolution, it is presented as "whereas'" and is most needed if the maker of the resolution wants to give little-known information or wants to present important points for emphasis (especially in a case where there is some doubt if the motion will pass). "Whereas'" can also be used to create a clear understanding of the purpose of the resolution and add background information for those carrying out the actions.

  • Resolutions consist of one "therefore, be it resolved" and in some cases, a "further be it resolved".

  • Each clause will end with a semicolon, except for the final clause which ends with a period.

  • Abbreviations should only be used after you have fully stated the subject matter (ie. Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada (AAFC)). After this first occurrence you can refer to it as AAFC.

  • The "resolve" sections should be stand-alone and provide direction without any dependence on "whereas" statements.

  • Resolutions are formal and should not be written using slang terms.

  • It is important that your resolution deals with something that is achievable, not the outcome necessarily, but the actions that you are asking KAP to take.

  • Avoid mentioning specific names of people unless accompanied by their title.

  • Ensure that the target of the "resolved" is clear, an action item and that the action is concise.

  • You should have movers and seconders in place, one of whom can speak to the resolution if needed. Also, when you submit the resolution to the KAP office, please list your movers and seconders so that it becomes part of your district file.

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