KAP EG&S Workshop


Ecological Goods and Services (EG&S) are the benefits derived from healthy and vibrant ecosystems. Farmers provide EG&S for all Manitobans through healthy soils, water management, and environmental best practices, as well there are opportunities in the area of flood mitigation and carbon capture in soils. Farmers have the ability to benefit economically from these services as well, in the form of incentive payments, cost-shared programming and participation in offset protocols.


KAP is organizing an EG&S workshop, immediately following our 2020 Annual Meeting, to provide information to farmers on what EG&S opportunities are available and how to access them. Participants will hear from guest speakers and KAP staff on what possibilities exist for their farm, as well as receiving information on how to apply for funding for these programs.

The event will start at 2:00pm and conclude at 4:30pm on February 5th at the Delta Hotel, in the same room as the AGM took place. For a full agenda, click here. 

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