Environmental Farm Plan


The EFP continues to be a high priority of the provincial and federal governments, and is currently supported through the Canadian Agriculture Partnership. For a list of workshops near you, 

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What is an Environmental Farm Plan?

An Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) helps a farmer identify the agri-environmental assets and risks of his/her operation, and outline beneficial management practices that would reduce the risks. You can then apply for financial assistance to help execute beneficial management practice(s).

How to create your EFP and apply for funding

The process starts with attending an EFP workshop, which must be booked through your local Manitoba Agriculture office. You will receive a take-home workbook, which once completed, becomes your Environmental Farm Plan.


After completion, you must contact the KAP office to book a review of your plan by a certified reviewer. Call 204-697-1140 (ext # 1) or email KAP.


KAP plays an important part in the EFP process by arranging for your reviewer and issuing you a statement of completion. With that statement, you can go onto the next step, which is applying for beneficial management practices funding.


Please note, application deadlines change throughout the year, so check the provincial website on a regular basis.

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