Thousands of Manitobans help get food from our farms to your plate 

We thank the people who bring us together and those who get the food from our farms to your tables.

We thank the people who are working day in and day out to ensure we have what we need. 

We thank those working in dangerous conditions to serve us all.

Growing manitoba together is about giving thanks

We thank the front-line workers, those who are keeping us healthy and safe during this unprecedented time. 


We thank the truck drivers, the grocery store employees, the railway workers who are keeping our supply chains moving. 

We thank the restaurant owners, servers, and cooks, and we thank the food processors who ensure that our products find a home. 

We thank the farm suppliers who keep farms running. 

We thank the farmers and producers, those who grow our food, for keeping Manitobans, Canadians, and people around the world fed. 

Together while apart

Though we may be apart right now, we celebrate the most important part of any meal, giving thanks for those who got it to our table in the first place. 


Food brings all of us together even when we’re apart.

#MBGrow sticker Campaign

We have delivered stickers to advocacy organizations and farmers across the province, who in turn will be thanking their members and workers across the province that are Growing Manitoba Together. 

If you or your organization would like to make a sticker order (in packages of 10), please email Joey Dearborn at

Show your support

In the coming days, we'll be thanking the thousands of Manitobans who are growing our province together. You can join in using #MBGROW or by creating your own images to give thanks. 

We are also encouraging kids to join in and draw, paint, and colour pictures of their own. 

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