Supporting KAP helps to ensure a sustainable and profitable future for all Manitoba farmers.

We take pride in being a collaborative and grassroots policy organization. Your support helps drive our work as the voice of Manitoba farmers.

KAP members enjoy discounts and preferred rates on everything from clothing and tools to vehicles and insurance. Benefits are available to all individual and group members.

Payment Options

Our annual membership fee is $275.63 ($262.50 + $13.13 GST). We will notify your buyers of agricultural products not to deduct KAP fees at the point of sale.

Memberships will not be processed until payment is received by KAP.

If you wish to pay your annual membership all at once, there are two payment options.

  • Mail: you can mail a cheque, and completed form to KAP’s office (new members and membership renewal).

  • Financial Institution: use your KAP ID number and pay online through your financial institution (renewal only).