KAP Policy Sunset Clause *New for 2019*

KAP’s Advisory Council has requested that KAP introduce a sunset clause on all action resolutions and identify sunsetting resolutions at the annual meeting for information. We will be archiving resolutions up to and including those passed in 2015 which totals 1284 resolutions. All resolutions passed since our inception in 1984 have contributed to KAP’s policy development and our policies will remain the same. KAP district committee members and commodity associations have an opportunity to reaffirm resolutions at the 2019 Annual Meeting and that process is laid out here. To reaffirm resolutions, please contact KAP policy analyst Janelle Love. 

To read the full list of resolutions to be sunsetted, click here

If you have any questions, please contact KAP policy analyst Alanna Gray. 

KAP Policy Process

Each district takes its resolutions to one of the three advisory council meetings during the year, or to the KAP annual meeting. Here, they are debated by representatives from all districts. Member commodity (producer) organizations can also put forward resolutions. If passed, a resolution becomes official KAP policy. At this point, the KAP management team and executive, with support from KAP staff, take action on these policies.


This could be in the form of direct advocacy through face to face meetings with elected officials, presentations to legislative committees, letters to government officials, news releases, solicitation of support from other stakeholders, participation in consultations, or events to draw attention to the issue.

Committees & Chairs:


There are 8 KAP Policy Committees which are made up of KAP members with expertise in specific topic areas. They provide research, support and recommendations to the organization. Each committee is chaired by a KAP board member.

Business Risk Management - Justin Jenner

Environment and Land Use - Neil Galbraith

Grains, Oilseeds and Pulses - Mitch Janssens

Livestock - Bill Campbell

Taxation - Chuck Fossay

Transportation - Kevin Stott

Rural Services - Sam Connery-Nichol

Workplace and Employment - George Graham

Young Farmer Policy - Jake Ayre and Colin Penner

KAP Policy Resolutions

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