Resolution Procedures

  • Only the 'Resolved' portion of resolutions will be read.

  • The Resolutions Committee may redraft and/or consolidate resolutions received to enhance their understandability and facilitate consideration at the annual meeting.  To facilitate this process, the Committee shall meet prior to and during the annual meeting as resolutions are received. 

  • Only delegates will be entitled to move, second, and vote on resolutions.

  • All delegates moving and/or speaking to resolutions will identify themselves to the Chair.

  • Only the mover is asked to speak to the motion.

  • The remarks of speakers to resolutions will be limited to 5 minutes.

  • The Chair will read the motion before voting occurs if the motion has been amended.

  • Resolutions may not necessarily be dealt with in order of listing; i.e., certain resolutions may be brought forward at the same time topics to which they relate are under discussion.

  • Members of the Resolutions Committee will be allowed to move to the floor to speak to resolutions on which they may wish to have input.

  • The deadline for resolutions to be included in the annual meeting kits will be at least 10 days in advance of the annual meeting. 

  • The deadline for late resolutions is 12:00 noon the 1st day of the annual meeting.

  • After the deadline, resolutions will be considered only if agreed to by the meeting.  A motion must be made to bring late resolutions to the floor.

  • Resolutions received at the KAP office will be included in the delegate kits.  Resolutions received at the meeting will be on powerpoint presentation, showing original resolution and any amendments.

  • Privileges of the floor will be extended to visitors to the meeting.

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