Safety Eyewear Program

As a producer you have access to discount pricing on prescription safety eyewear through the Manitoba Association of Optometrists’ Safety Eyewear Program.

What is the program?​


The Safety Eyewear Program is administered by KAP, and is offered to all Manitoba producers; not just KAP members. 


Through the program, producers receive 60-75% off regular price (depending on prescription), choice of frames, lenses/lens treatments and so on. Pricing and dispensing fees are set. The doctors take no mark-up.


All you need to do is bring the eyewear authorization form and your current prescription to any participating optometrist in Manitoba to purchase prescription safety eyewear at the program rate.

For any additional details about this program, contact:

Gordon Doran

Occupational Vision Care

Manitoba Association of Optometrists

Cell: 204-898-6239

Office: 204-943-9811


As an employer do I need to pay for my workers to get their eyes tested every year?

No, however per 6.13(1) of the Manitoba Workplace Safety and Healt Act, an employer must provide a worker with approved eye protection that is appropriate for the risk, including but not limited to:
(a) flying objects or particles;
(b) splashing liquids or molten metal;
(c) ultraviolet, visible or infrared radiation; or
(d) any other material, substance or matter.


Will my health insurance cover safety eyewear?

Yes. A receipt will be issued so you can submit a claim to any insurance coverage you may have. Participating optometrists each have their own policies regarding direct billing. Ask the office you are visiting if they offer direct billing and can confirm your coverage.

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