KAP Submission - 2020 Manitoba Budget

January 27, 2020

Today, KAP delivered to the Manitoba government our submission for the 2020-21 provincial budget process. To read the full submission, click here. 


Recommendations in submission include: 

1. Commit to long-term plans to increase funding for business risk management programs that enable real improvements that reflect current income risk levels

2. Maintain the current AgriInsurance budget line

3. Maintain MASC’s lending mandate and related operating budget

4. Establish proper delegated financial authority to streamline approvals and administration of program funds

5. Put in place short-term plans to correct the imbalance in school tax assessment as the province works on its longer-term plan to remove the school tax from all property classes, including increasing or removing the cap on the Farmland School Tax Rebate

6. Expand funding opportunities for Mandatory Entry Level Training, develop online driver training, and ensure sufficient capacity for Class 1 licence testing in rural areas, especially during seeding and harvest

7. If a Made-in-Manitoba carbon tax is reintroduced, ensure that it exempts fuel used for drying grain and heating barns and that any tax revenue earned from agriculture activities are returned to the sector to fund projects that further improve its carbon footprint.

8. Increase resources to enforcement and prosecution of trespassing on farmland and in farm buildings

9. Fill the vacant Provincial Extension Veterinarian position as quickly as possible

10. Maintain the current level of support funding for Manitoba students at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) and consider additional supports that would encourage graduates to return to Manitoba and establish or join large animal practices

11. Keep the previous Manitoba Agriculture budget lines separate in the presentation of the budget of the new department to maintain transparency

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