KAP Staff

Brenna Mahoney

General Manager
Email: brenna.mahoney@kap.ca
Direct: 204-924-6014

Kathy Ulasy

Finance and Office Services Manager
Email: kathy.ulasy@kap.ca
Direct: 204-924-6015

Neil Van Overloop

Policy Manager
Email: neil.vanoverloop@kap.ca
Direct: 204-924-6013

Colin Hornby

Manager of Communications & Stakeholder Relations
Email: colin.hornby@kap.ca
Direct: 204-924-6018

Emily Davidson

Marketing and Outreach Coordinator
Email: emily.davidson@kap.ca
Direct: 204-924-6017

Morag Marjerison

Farm Safety Consultant
Email: morag.marjerison@kap.ca
Direct: 204-570-3290

Shona Fraser

Manager, Membership Services
Email: shona.fraser@kap.ca
Direct:  204-924-6012

Olivia Klus

Operations Coordinator
Email: olivia.klus@kap.ca
Direct: 204-924-6011

KAP Executives

Bill Campbell, President

Bill Campbell has been involved with KAP at the district level, on the board of directors and as vice-president. He is a fourth-generation farmer near Minto, Manitoba with 2,300 acres – 1,400 of them seeded to annual crops. He also runs a purebred Limousin cattle operation.

Bill believes that farmers should be proactive in all aspects of agriculture and that they must be knowledgeable about all factors that affect their livelihood. To this end, he is active with a number of agricultural organizations.

Bill is the former president of the Manitoba Limousin Association and the Canadian Limousin Association, a long-time volunteer with the Manitoba Livestock Expo and a member of his local veterinary service board.

Bill holds a diploma in agriculture from the University of Manitoba. He was recently awarded a certificate of merit by the university for his work in the agriculture industry.


Jill Verwey, Vice President

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Jake Ayre, Vice President

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Carter McKinney, Distric 1


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