Canadian Grain Commission ‘Subject to’ Proposed Amendments

The Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) is the agency responsible for administrating the Canada Grain Act. The Canada Grain Act has gone through numerous changes over the years and the CGC launched a consultation review process of the Act beginning in January 2021. The CGC plays an important role in setting and maintaining standards for Canadian Grain.

After the consultation process the CGC announced proposed changes to the Canada Grain Regulations involving ‘subject to inspector’s grade and dockage’. The CGC sought feedback from stakeholders which would allow for more flexibility regarding the grain grading dispute process.

KAP believes under the existing regulation producers already have the right to trigger a dispute without being present for grain delivery. Nevertheless, KAP provided a letter to the CGC regarding these proposed changes.

Update – June 2022

In June 2022 the CGC posted amendments to the Canada Grain Regulations in the Canada Gazette. The amendments would allow producers 7 calendar days to issue a grain grading dispute.

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