Front of Package Labelling

The Government of Canada introduced a Healthy Eating Strategy in 2016 which included plans for front of package labelling. The front of package labelling is intended for products containing nutrients above a certain threshold. This includes sodium, sugars and saturated fat. The overall goal is to improve awareness of products containing these nutrients while reducing health care costs.

The amendments proposed in 2018 included exemptions of labelling for products such as fresh fruit, milk, whole eggs and raw single ingredient meats. However, these exemptions did not extend to certain raw single ingredient ground meats (e.g., ground beef or ground pork).

In June 2022 KAP sent a letter to the provincial Minister of Agriculture and the Minister of Health requesting that they reach out to Health Canada on this issue.

Update – July 2023

Shortly after our letter amended regulations were posted in the Canada Gazette The amendments included a conditional exemption raw single-ingredient ground meats.

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