International Longshore and Warehouse Union Canada Strike

On June 28, 2023,the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Canada issued a 72-hour strike notice. The 13-day strike that resulted impacted the loading and unloading of vessels along the west coast of British Columbia.

The west coast ports, particularly the Port of Vancouver, play an important role in exporting agricultural product to foreign markets. In 2022 more than 23 million metric tonnes of agricultural product were shipped out of the Port of Vancouver.

Due to the interconnected nature of Canada’s supply chain, strikes involving longshore workers at ports have a significantnegative impacton businesses throughout the chain. Although these strikes at ports occur thousands of kilometers away from a farm in Manitoba, they can create negative financial impacts to farmers wishing to market their product.

As a result of this strike KAP sent a number of letters to various parties requesting for an immediate resolution. KAP sent letters to the president of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Canada, President & CEO of British Columbia Maritime Employers Association and the Minister of Labour.

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