As Manitoba's general farm policy organization, we provide a unified voice for farmers on issues that affect agriculture.

Keystone Agricultural Producers manages a diverse set of policy issues each year. KAP is evidence-based and solutions-oriented organization. Our policy is created through our grass-roots process originating from our 12 geographical districts. Any individual or group member can put forward a resolution.

KAP hosts four policy setting events each year through our AGM and advisory council meetings. Resolutions that are passed at the AGM or advisory council are forwarded to the board of directors and their respected policy committee for review, consideration and priority setting.

Agricultural issues in Manitoba are diverse and impact different commodity sectors and stakeholders. KAP is currently focused on four key policy priorities: business risk management programs to support farmers, sustainability and the environment, economic development in rural Manitoba and public trust in agriculture.

KAP currently is currently represented on following committees/groups: Western Grains Research Foundation, Crop Logistics Working Group, The Co-operators, Canadian Federation of Agriculture, CFIA Seed Regulatory Modernization Task Teams, Canada Grains Council, Nutrient Application Advisory Group, Efficiency Manitoba Advisory Group, Supply Chain Resiliency Sub-committee, Data and Performance Measurement Sub-committee and the Environmental Farm Plan Advisory Committee.


Get Involved

We take pride in being a collaborative and grassroots policy organization. Your input helps drive our work as the voice of Manitoba farmers.

If you have an idea, contact us and we’ll put you in touch with your local district chair or commodity group.

Consider using KAP’s resolution template for guidance if your district or commodity group will put forward a resolution.