Amendments to the Grade Crossings Regulations

In 2020 some farmers in Manitoba received letters from class 1 railways informing them of changes to the Grade Crossings Regulations. As a result of these regulatory changes class 1 railways were required to make upgrades to private grade crossings by November 27, 2021. Depending on the crossing these upgrades could include signage, sightlines, warning system or improvements to the crossing surface.

The letters from class 1 carriers also required the landowner to pay for upgrading and maintaining the private grade crossing. These costs ranged from a few thousand dollars to $34,000.

KAP believes the upgrade and maintenance of private grade crossings are the responsibility of class 1 railways. KAP sent a letter  to the Minister of Transport Canada outlining our concerns.

Update – July 2021

Transport Canada issued further amendments to the Grade Crossings Regulations. The amendments included additional deadlines and definitions to the Grade Crossings Regulations. As a result of these amendment a total of 3238 private crossings were removed from compliance.

Despite these amendments there were farmers in Manitoba who still faced costs from class 1 carriers. Keystone Agricultural Producers, the Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan and the Alberta Federation of Agriculture sent a joint letter to Transport Canada requesting class 1 carriers pay the full cost of grade crossing improvements.

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