Customized Ag & Sightseeing Tours *NEW*

Leader Tours Inc. is a custom group travel provider based in Calgary, Alberta. Over the last 15 years, Leader Tours has focused on the agricultural industry where they have worked with associations and agribusiness companies throughout Canada to develop tours that reflect the industry members are operating in.

The tours are a mix of 70% sightseeing and 30% agricultural visits. Leader Tours customizes all tours based on our clients’ wishes and what their customers or members are interested in seeing while visiting another country.

What are the benefits when you choose to travel with Leader Tours Inc…

  • Custom built itinerary for each trip that is unique and offered only through Leader Tours and our partner clients.
  • Itinerary that reflects members’ interests – beef, grain, machinery, dairy industries – and still leaves room for individual exploration.
  • Networking opportunity – potential business partnerships and developing friendships with like-minded travellers on the tour together.
  • Unique experiences – excursions you would never get to experience if travelling individually.
  • Partial tax deduction due to technical visits within the tour.
  • Group travel – safe way to travel, no hassle, just sit back and enjoy the sights, we take care of all the travel details.

Please review the following tour itineraries for more details and how to book:

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